By offering 360° insights, we tactically overcome challenges and operationally boost efficiency for business success.



Sunrise Flow is dedicated to transforming the hospitality industry through comprehensive management solutions.


We specialize in empowering businesses within the hospitality sector. Our approach is centered on delivering bespoke strategies that replace uncertainty with clarity. By furnishing you with the right tools and insights, we enable informed decision-making that steers your operations towards efficiency and profitability.


Our commitment is to your success.

At Sunrise Flow, we see your growth as our ultimate goal, and your success is the mission that drives us. Located in the heart of Helsinki, we are a team committed to providing unparalleled solutions to businesses worldwide. Our comprehensive services are meticulously designed to navigate companies through the complexities of evolving business landscapes.

We hold a steadfast belief in a future where businesses not only survive but flourish. Partnering with Sunrise Flow means gaining a trusted ally committed to transforming your operational challenges into opportunities for growth.



Innovative Branding

Efficient Operations

Streamlined Strategy

Smart Transactions

Elevate your brand with our creative solutions. We craft unique value propositions that resonate, setting you apart in the marketplace.

Harness the power of operational excellence. We optimize your processes for peak efficiency, delivering consistent value to your customers.

We develop clear, actionable strategies to propel your business forward. Our approach simplifies complex challenges, ensuring sustainable growth.

Navigate business transactions with confidence. Our expert guidance through mergers and acquisitions secures maximum value and seamless transitions.

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Business Strategy

Unlock your business's full potential with our strategic services. We shed light on growth opportunities and help you navigate potential risks, empowering you to leverage your unique advantages for informed decision-making and sustainable success.

Business Management Innovation

Become a trendsetter in your sector rather than merely following trends. We strategically analyze operations to boost profitability, enrich guest experiences, manage costs effectively, and deliver quality services.

Tactical Approach

In the rapidly evolving landscape of hospitality, we assist you in achieving a balance between customer targets, product offerings, and sales strategy by driving expansion and staying ahead of the competition.

Strategic Vision

Our financial solutions are designed to drive sustainable growth and bolster productivity. We are committed to your success and offer strategies tailored to meet your specific needs.

Business Transformation

Revolutionize your business with our agile methodology. Our approach fosters swift decision-making, propelling companies towards their objectives. Stay competitive with our programs designed for success.

Operational Excellence

Success in the hospitality sector involves strategically seizing opportunities. Our operating model guides you towards effective and impactful actions. Enhance your competitive edge and set the stage for unparalleled growth.

Technology Meets Business
The hospitality industry is at the forefront of redefining traditional service standards, underpinned by innovative technology.

Significant Economic Contribution
Hospitality isn't just about comfort and service; it's a vital economic engine. With an annual contribution exceeding $1.11 trillion, this industry is a significant player in driving the global economy.


Employment Opportunities
Hospitality is more than a sector; it's a global community. Employing over 335 million people worldwide, the industry accounts for 11% of total employment, underscoring its importance as a significant job creator.

Confidence in Data Analytics
Data isn't just numbers on a screen; it's a powerful decision-making tool. An impressive 86% of businesses now trust data analytics for their strategic planning, highlighting its crucial role in navigating the future.

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This package is a great starting point for businesses looking to carve out a unique identity and streamline operations.

It includes:

✓ Strategic brand conceptualization
✓ Detailed performance analysis
✓ A comprehensive initial business evaluation

A step up from brand Starter, this package is perfect for businesses aiming to create memorable guest experiences.

In addition to all brand Starter benefits, it includes:

✓ Business strategy planning
✓ Regular progress reviews and forward planning
✓ Experience brand and concept development

Ideal for mature businesses seeking to optimize operations and expand their market presence.

Along with all experience Builder benefits, it covers:

✓ Strategic vision planning
✓ Assistance in strategic planning
✓ The implementation of the operational excellence model

Our tailored package is designed for companies navigating transforming their business and those aiming to lead industry trends.

It includes all the benefits of the strategic Planner package, plus:

✓ Transformation solutions
✓ Advice and support for transactions
✓ Go-to-market (GTM) strategy
✓ Tactical and operational programs
✓ Industry-specific strategic planning
✓ Innovative business management strategies

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